While I am trained in many of the traditional massage modalities shown below, and do incorporate these techniques during a treatment session, my intention and what I offer in healing bodywork is much more than a relaxing massage.  I offer to you a healing energy that moves through the client’s system discovering the sources of body, mind, and/or spirit stress or dis-ease, and in turn, restoring balance and promoting overall well-being.

    • Swedish Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Sports Massage
    • Acupressure
    • Reflexology
    • Reiki
    • Thai Massage
    • Chair Massage

What is Healing Bodywork? 

Many people confuse the term Bodywork with Massage.  One of the primary goals of massage is the relaxation of the physical body by releasing stored physical tension. Most practitioners use oils or creams, special strokes on bare skin, along with body movements.

I believe what sets my bodywork apart from a massage is the intent that is held while working with a client.  My intention is more than simply providing a relaxing massage.  My intention is to help move energy throughout the client’s system, restoring balance and promoting overall well-being of the body and soul so the client feels tuned up, recharged and relieved of unnecessary stress and tension which is affecting their life negatively.  In working with my clients I bring forth and share a very gentle, healing and loving energy, leaving the client feeling grounded and loved.

When we are stressed, our bodies restrict energy flow or suppress negative energy deep within the body. This leads to stress and anxiety, as well as physical manifestations of the negative energy in the form of pain or illness. If we can cleanse the body of its negative energy reserves and replenish the energy balance once again, we can lead a happier, peaceful life with less stress and the ability to recover from emotional trauma.

From my experience all dis-ease begins as spiritual disharmony.  At Ho’omaluhia Healing Bodywork I offer bodywork that begins with a spiritual intention.  I work with my clients to discover and explore the sources of body, mind, and/or spirit stress or dis-ease.  I am available to help the client release stored emotions, pain, and memories to enhance the experience of wellness, inner-balance, wholeness, and self-healing, thereby, providing an awareness that self-loving choices are available in all areas of life.

Clients often carry hurt, disappointment, traumas, disharmony, and pain in their spirit, mind, and body.  I facilitate the client journey by offering a safe place to release the stored or blocked energy (old patterns stored in muscle and nervous system) that cause these stresses.  I can assist you at Ho’omaluhia Healing Bodywork in releasing this old baggage, and to rediscover your capacity to love, be well, be whole, and be happy.